New Media and the Generation Gap(s)

There was a brief post on SAI that floated the notion that one reason for the monetary lag when it comes to online spending in both content creation and ad dollars is that “people buying media are at least a generation or so removed from the way in which people are truly consuming video and media.”

This feels like a reasonable claim.  While there are many people out there over the age of thirty singing the praises of new media they do not tend to be the ones in the positions of power.

There is a tone of energy and excitement out there in terms of the end user but the content that is available just doesn’t live up to expectations largely because the people who are prepared to create the next wave of really cool “stuff” (videos, games, ARGS, who-knows-what) just aren’t getting the kind of financial support necessary.

In this DIY age the desire to get out there and just do it is so strong that few are willing to wait around for that support to come so they forge ahead mostly on dreams and credit cards.  When they burn out they leave what “could’ve been a contender” scattered across the web.

Perhaps some of the younger tech millionaires will decide to put their money into the next wave of kids like them instead of getting scared and holding onto all their money for pet projects or a rainy day.


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