10 Reasons Why Carson Daly’s “The Really Big Internet Show” Will FAIL

I’ve heard that blog posts with lists tend to do really well so I thought I’d try one out.  I’ll let you know if the rumors are true.

According to Variety:

“[Caron] Daly and Madison Road will launch in July “The Really Big Internet Show,” a daily five-minute webcast that will feature the day’s most talked-about original online videos. Justine Ezarik, an Internet vid star who goes by the name iJustine, will host.”

So, here are my 10 Reasons Why Carson Daly’s “The Really Big Internet Show” Will FAIL (and one of them isn’t “Carson Daly”).

10.  Why would I watch clips of viral videos instead of just watching the clips themselves?

9.  Why would I bother waiting a whole 5 minutes to find out which videos they’re going to show when we all know the list will be hotlinked on the same page?

8.  The target audience for a show like this will have already seen every video they mention.  If they haven’t seen it, it probably isn’t a legitimate “hit.”

7.  You know this is going to be ad supported in some way while the videos it talks about will likely not be.  Which would you rather watch?

6.  Even though everyone likes funny little clips they can pass around to friends and mention at parties nobody cares about them enough to watch a show ABOUT them.

5.  iJustine is totally cute and has a great presence but what she has to say about silly videos isn’t going to be “must-see TV”.

4.  Sure, it’s only going to be 5 minutes long but 5 minutes can be forever online.

3.  This show brings absolutely nothing new to the table.

2.  G4’s Attack of the Show already has a relatively successful podcast/site called Around the Net that covers this ground and has the faithful following that Daly’s show wants.

1.  Daily shows are brutal to produce and anything short of massive early success will lead to a quick burnout from all parties concerned.


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One response to “10 Reasons Why Carson Daly’s “The Really Big Internet Show” Will FAIL

  1. Hey there:

    As someone who’s part of the show, I hear you. We’re looking forward to giving it a whirl. I tend to think that big draws to HappySlip and Kevjumba, not to mention the other talent will make it what it is . Ultimately, I think it will be programming around aggregation. People will go to this site and the videos will love the embedded views (I think).

    Ping me with any ideas about it at bobby@wickedawesomefilms.com!

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