How Young is Too Young for Virtual Reality?

I’ve been posting a bunch the past week about kids and the many elaborate virtual worlds and MMOs that have sprung up to serve the under-12 market.  These sites have so far catered to the 7+ market and really on the 10+ market from what I’ve seen.

Now comes word (via CNet) that it might never be too soon to get your kids into VR:

“Knowledge Adventure, the maker of kids’ educational game software JumpStart, plans Monday to begin selling virtual world software for 3- to 5-year-olds. The software, called JumpStart Advanced Preschool World, will encourage kids to learn their ABCs by playing games in a 3D version of the beach or a jungle, with heavy use of voice and images instead of text. And it will give young ones their first taste of creating and decorating an avatar.”

While this seems like an inevitable evolution I wonder what the effect of having kids that young playing in virtual worlds before they’ve figured out much about the real world.


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