Pay-Per-View Blogging? One Guy’s Giving it a Shot

Loren Feldman of the often rant-heavy blog 1938 Media has decided to see if people will be willing to pay for the occassional post, to the tune of $.99.

“Why am I doing this? Because I want to. It’s an experiment. I know that most of 99 percent of you aren’t going to pay 99 cents ever. So it goes. But you know what? Content has to be paid for at some point.” (via CNet)

I definitely think this is an interesting and worthwhile experiment but I am not convinced that Loren is providing enough value for the fee.  His videos are pretty rough and his posts are interesting but rarely worth more than, say, a copy of both NY dailies.

It would be interesting to see if he tried a pay-what-you-like scheme.  Anyhow, here’s his explanation:


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