Knewsroom’s Crowdsourced “Paper” Feels Oddly Familiar

Knewsroom, the crowdsourced online newsource has just launched in beta.

From their website:

“Knewsroom™ is a community-directed news publication where not only do you have a voice—you get paid to use it. “The Knews” gets published every morning, featuring the previous day’s top stories in Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports, and Entertainment.

What makes it in? The community decides.

The best part? 20% of every dollar we generate in advertising gets split with the people who make the Knews happen: writers, readers, evangelists…anyone looking to turn extra brainwidth into extra cash.”

If you want to learn more details on how it actually works go here.

I like the idea of Knewsroom but the results are pretty much what you’ll find on the frontpages of most of the major news sites.  Today has stories on Clinton’s toothless win in WV, Edwards support of Obama, death tolls from China and the Celtics win again at home.  Not exactly breaking any new ground here.


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