Off-Topic: My TerraPlana Vivo Barefoot Shoes – One Week Later

Ok, I realize this blog isn’t supposed to be about my footwear but the last post about my shoes turned out to be pretty well-read and I thought I’d provide a little followup.

So, I’ve now had my Vivo Barefoot shoes for one week and I’ve worn them all but one day – that day was yesterday when it was raining.  In my desire to have green shoes I settled for suede finish which looks great but would just get wrecked in the rain even though I sprayed them with that stuff.

I’m actually glad I had to go back to my regular shoes yesterday because it brought into focus just how different these shoes feel.

My first day in the shoes was almost comical.  They absolutely change the way you walk and it takes some getting used to.  You no longer come slamming down on your heel and instead lead more with the toes.  It’s weird.  It also made me incredibly aware of each step, something I found pretty interesting.

As a New Yorker I walk one or two miles a day and all of it is on concrete. I thought my feet would hurt a lot more, especially the first few days but this hasn’t been the case.  Even my arches, which I felt sure would ache, seem fine.

My posture, when I am walking in the shoes, is much better.  I had gotten into the habit of leaning forward too much when I walked and the shoes, since the heel is flat, forces me to stand with my weight further back and more evenly distributed.

Yesterday, back in my old Reebok sneakers, I quickly fell back to my poor posture and actually missed the added awareness that came from walking in the Vivos.  Slipping back on my shoes today felt really good.

My only dilemma now is that I want another pair in all leather so I can wear them in the rain…


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