New Media the New Path to Feature Film?

Back in the day, most aspiring filmmakers made short films as a way to showcase their potential.  These shorts would screen at festivals and a few would get passed around among industry pros on VHS and a few kids would get a shot at the big leagues.  This wasn’t the only path but it was the most accessible to true outsiders.

Of course, the internets have changed all that and we are definitely seeing more and more people turning to the web as a showcase.

Tilzy has a quick look at this:

“Larry Strong and Kevin Arbouet, directors of the original Obama Girl shorts, have landed a feature film gig.  Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, creators of Ask A Ninja have a deal to remake Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  ZeFrank and Amanda Congdon both left new media (and New York) to pursue bigger dreams in old media.  Sure, they’ve left us, but they’ll come back.  Congdon already has.”

In related news, I’ll be chatting about this very topic tomorrow night at this month’s Film in the City event.  More info on that here.


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