Big Brands Buy into Bebo’s “Gap Year”

Bebo, the UK web company recently bought by AOL, is launching its latest original web series, GAP YEAR.

According to NewTeeVee:

“six young people…will be sent on six-month trips around the world…They get a per diem allowance based on what guides like Lonely Planet recommended for the country they’re in. Each person travels individually, accompanied by a cameraperson/director, and will send in one 3- to 5-minute video per week.”

Not sure what will make this a deeply compelling series but I was amazed to see how many sponsors are involved:

“Endemol and Bebo have set up some activities and challenges along with its sponsors: Sony PSP, Trident, Canon (which is providing cameras), The Royal Air Force (RAF), Acuvue, Doritos, STA Travel, and Tourism Auckland and Tourism Australia (who are helping with activities).”

I’ll be extremely curious to see how the brands are intergrated into the content and if any of their target demo decides to watch.

Bebo has had success with the lonelygirl15 follow up “Kate Modern” and the currently running “Sophia’s Diary.”

Check out some Gap Year here.


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