Eisner Still Bullish on Web Video

Michael Eisner might have ended up in the world of web video by default after being (i think) pretty much driven out of Hollywood-proper but he’s certainly sticking to it.

Eisner’s company, Vuguru, was behind the ambitious Prom Queen web series and the currently running All-For-Knots.

He was speaking at Microsoft’s advance08 digital advertising conference in Redmond and had this to say about the big boys:

“I believe if the major distributors ignore this piece of the business, and make it hard for content producers to break even, make a little bit of money … they will find somebody like me — or somebody better-funded or somebody younger — (who) is going to create basically a portal … and they will be creating their own worst nightmare, which is another competitor.”

I certainly think he is right that the current budgets being proffered by the larger media companies are very small but they are in line with the sorts of revenue they’ve generated so far.  In short time, there will be a few genuine web success stories and the major distributors will either buy out the succesful little fish or push them out by force.

(via NewTeeVee)


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