The Five Stages of Grief and Old Media

I just love this post from TechDirt that explores how various members of Old Media – music, Hollywood, newpapers – have responded to the impending changes forced upon them by New Media:

“One of the interesting people I met at last week’s Princeton workshop was Douglas Dixon, who points out that almost all 20th-century media companies are going through the five stages of grief, but different media industries are going through the stages at different rates. Back in 2006, we noted that the music recording industry was still in the denial stage. Now, Dixon says that it seems to be “stuck cycling between Anger, Bargaining, and Depression — as it still lashes out by suing its own customers, and grabs on to each next new copy protection scheme while simultaneously going DRM-free in other venues.” And indeed, as we pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Hollywood is still firmly in the denial phase, insisting that effective DRM is just around the corner.”

This is a clever and useful metaphor that could very well hold up.  I was at a New Media panel at the Tribeca Film Fest a few weeks ago and one of the head lawyers for a major distributor was speaking and he actually said that “that effective DRM is just around the corner.”  Literally.  He said that.


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