Cool Intergrations for Your Small World

There is a neat post on Mashable about the virtual online world SmallWorlds:

“SmallWorlds is a new web-based virtual world offering that is looking to combine several aspects of current trends, with a great focus on social media. So you can use Flickr images as posters in your virtual bedroom, or watch YouTube clips on your 3D living room television.

Other applications, like Grafiti, that have become popular on networks like Facebook, are also present in SmallWorlds. Games, such as pool, can also be played within SmallWorlds, in a similar fashion as gameplay on a portal like Yahoo Games. ”

This feels like another step toward the kind of online worlds envisioned in books like SNOW CRASH and NEUROMANCER where all the elements of your online life are sythesized into an actual environment that moves away from “pages” and “links” and incorporates everything from your email to your videos to your calendar.

By allowing you to pull in existing sites, SmallWorlds doesn’t force you to rebuild your “life” from scratch as you sort of have to do in SecondLife.

Not sure this will be wildly popular since these worlds still feel slower than just accessing the net directly but there is clearly interest in finding “skins” to place over the feed so that it all becomes a bit more familiar and, well, homey.


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