ShoeTube Fails to Excite (admittedly male) Reviewer

AdAge has a rather scathing, though accurate by my count, review of the 24-7 shoe site, ShoeTube.  The site is a mix of video, blogs and forums all about shoes.

While it’s certainly fair to wonder if Larry Dobrow is really the right person to be reviewing a site clearly aimed at women, it’s hard to argue with him:

“The site’s personalities loooooooove shoes. You know this because they frequently, cloyingly, menacingly say things like “I love shoes” and “I love these shoes.” If you love hearing well-appointed gals who love shoes affirm that they, indeed, love shoes, Shoetube may well be your high-heel utopia.”

No question, these videos are just terrible.  Of course, I am no more of a shoe-loving gal than Larry, so if there are women out there who love this site PLEASE let me know why!

Larry goes on to make a very important point about the value of a site like this to potential sponsors:

“I just don’t see how a “sponsored by Jimmy Choo” nod prior to or alongside a Shoetube video would significantly affect a viewer’s feelings about that brand. The best advertising high-end women’s shoe manufacturers can get here is a rapturous mention in one of the videos — and these raves are meted out every eight seconds.”

Check out ShoeTube for yourself. Or don’t. It’s not very good.

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