More Theater Patron Abuse – This Time Courtesy of Paramount

In a sort of followup to what has become by far my post popular post about the lecture my parents got from security at a screening of American Teen comes this amazing little note via BoingBoing:

“While at the cinema yesterday, I read a notice posted by the box office that Paramount has intentionally silenced bits of the soundtrack of _Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull_ in order to deter and track piracy. The notice acknowledged that the momentary silences were annoying but that it was out of their control. Basically it said, please don’t bug the manager if the sound drops out, unless it lasts more than a minute.”

This is just another massive sign that the studios, in their losing attempts to stop piracy, are really just abusing and ripping off their own customers.  Who will be far more likely to be open to piracy after the experience.


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