Vuguru Takes on Topps

Vuguru, the Eisner-helmed company behind webseries Prom Queen and The All-For-Nots has announced plans for a new series (via Tilzy)

“Vuguru will launch a autobiographical comedy series this summer titled Back on Topps, featuring a “group of executives seeking to succeed Marvin Topps, the company’s fictional founder.” The series will star Randy and Jason Sklar of ESPN’s Cheap Seats and Super Deluxe’s Layers in 24 five-minute-episodes.”

So far, Eisner is pretty much 1-and-1 with the first two series. Prom Queen might not have made a ton of noise but it was successful and continue to strike remake deals in foreign territories.  The word on All-For-Nots has not been as good, as far as I can tell.  I see little mention of it in the blogs and can’t remember the last time it came up in conversation.  I watched the first two eps and then lost interest.

Having watched a few eps of Layers and being fairly familiar with the twin Sklar brothers I have to say I am a little worried that this won’t be breaking any new ground in the world of entertainment.

Will Topps be funny enough and unique enough to draw a crowd?


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