Watching Foreign Bodies A Lot Like TV…Pretty and Disappointing

I had a chance to watch the first 3 (of 50) 2-3min episodes of the Eisner-funded webseries FOREIGN BODIES.

The project is actually a very big marketing scheme for an upcoming Robin Cook novel based around the dangers of medical tourism.

Visually, the series looks like a nicely made-for-cable MOW.  The actors are pros and the thing is shot in nice digital on location in lots of cool foreign locales.

The thing is, it feels so much like average television.  It’s just a lot shorter. So short that it is hard to get drawn in, even with 3 episodes available.  Maybe this is the sort of thing one waits for more of a resevoir of episodes before diving in?

This is certainly another step forward in terms of professionally produced online episodic video.  It’s good to see more drama and thriller stuff, too.  Still, this one doesn’t feel like a hit.  The target audience isn’t clear and I fear the story itself is just a bit too dry.

Check them all out here.

(via SAI and Tilzy)


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