Revlon and Make Mini Carpoolers for Chicks

According the WSJ, Revlon and are partnering for another in the latest attempt to stop people from fast-fowarding through commericials – put mini-show IN the commercials that are really just commercials but not really because hey, they’re kind of like shows but shorter… huh?!

“Beginning Monday, Time Warner‘s TBS will air a two-minute show called “Commuter Confidential” during episodes of “Sex and the City.”…The show will follow the lives of Carmen, Daisy, Paula and Sylvie as they carpool, and the vignettes feature plenty of plugs for and Revlon products. In one episode, Paula is planning her fifth date with a firefighter she met on — the same online dating site where Sylvie met her current husband. All the women spend time applying Revlon products throughout the series. About 20 episodes of the minishow will air over the next four weeks, and each show will be followed by ads for and Revlon.”

This is not a new tactic but one that I haven’t heard much positive response to – first of all, none of these mini-series have proven to be especially good, certainly not good enough to actually be a show on their own.  Secondly, why would I want to try to follow two different shows AT THE SAME TIME.  There I am happily watching a SATC rerun when there is suddenly a whole new show on, with four women yapping about men and makeup but it’s not the show I was just watching. Just some weak reflection of the show I was just watching and this one keeps mentioning every ten seconds.



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