ffwd Looks Cool – Makes Me the Curator

Over on Mashable they have a look at new web video startup ffwd:

ffwd is essentially a video aggregator of both user-generated content (like YouTube YouTube ) and the professional stuff (like Hulu YouTube-Competitors ), that lets you discover new videos through a continuously updated channel, based on both your personal attention data – how quickly you click the “next” button – and what your friends are watching. Rather than make you re-create your social network on ffwd, the company pulls in interest data from you and your Facebook friends – so it already has a fairly good idea of how to program your channel, and will grow smarter the more you use the service – much in the same way iLike does with music.”

This is a lot like some of the ideas I was tossing around the other day during a roundtable about the future on video players.  I’ve long thought that one thing missing from the web video experience was the time-honored tradition of “flipping through the channels.”  With web video you are constantly being asked to chose and commit by clicking links – if you know what you want this is fine but if you’re really just in the mood to browse this can be kind of off-putting.

I’m gonna try to snag a beta invite to ffwd and let you all know what I think.


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