TBS Doing What It Can to Spead TV’s Demise

Sure, DVR’s have made it tough on advertisers.  When everyone can just fast-forward through that 6-figure spot what’s a brand to do?

Well, TBS thinks it has an answer by one-upping those already annoying “pop-up” ads that litter the lower corners of the screen telling us about other network programming.

According to TVSquad:

“During an episode of Family Guy (video after the jump), Bill Engvall walks out on the screen, much like the Brenda spots for The Closer. The difference is that Bill holds up a remote and actually pauses the episode before heading into his pitch for his show. When he finishes, he unpauses the show, which runs for two more seconds before going to the regular commercial break.”

You can check it out for yourself:

At some point people will either turn completely to ad-free pirated content or TV shows will devolve into a hyperkinetic series of brief moments of original content surrounded by a constant stream of brand messages, animations and loud noises.


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