Little Kids Love Live Video

There is a bunch of interesting data from the latest study from Nielsen Online (as highlighted by CNet).

First off, I am sort of amazed that the youngest category is 2-11.  Yup, 2-year-olds are watching web video.  How much?

“On average, the kids watched 51 video streams from home during April, spending almost two hours on video clips. That usage outstrips the average of nearly 75 million adults who regularly view video clips at sites like and On average in April, adults of voting age watched 44 video streams, for about 1 hour and 40 minutes of their time.”

Even more compelling, or as CNet puts it…

“Slightly disturbing, the site with the highest concentration of 12- to 17-year-olds, or 44 percent of this age group, was, a hub for live Webcams of people in their bedrooms. Atlantic Records and Epic Records were runners-up in that category.”

A tad sensationalist perhaps as a quick look at Stickam will show that the main reason for all the bedrooms is that’s where the kids have their computers and webcams.  It is not a seething hotbed of teen sex, as the media hopes/fears.

Instead, it is an interesting step for live video – something that older generations seem to shy away from.  The ability to do easy web-video chat has been around in one form or another for a while now and I see very little evidence of its adoption by the 30+ set.

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One response to “Little Kids Love Live Video

  1. Bex

    Your neice watches YouTube. She likes Elmo, and Happy Feet (the music and dancing clips) and live fish and animals. Not much different than Noggin or some such, except that the clips are short and therefor she doesn’t have to pay attention for long.

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