Vinyl Strikes Back – CD’s Cower in Fear

Vinyl record.

Image via Wikipedia

TechDirt has some more news on the resurgence of vinyl LPs:

“Unlike the declining sales of CDs, Vinyl LP sales are expected to grow 60% this year over last year. However, the actual volume of vinyl sold (1 million albums sold versus 450 million for CDs) is very low, so clearly the resurgence is not an indication of a shift in consumer’s primary demand.”

While digital files are great for their flexibility it turns out that there is still something special about buying the record complete with cover art, liner notes and the physical disc itself with real grooves that produce the sound.

This is in important lesson for everyone in a business model that is being threatened by the digital revolution.  Take a hard look at what you’re selling.  It might be time to shift the focus.

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