Hipster Olympics Kids Should Have Quit While Ahead…

IFC tv.

After getting some good press and decent view-counts for their first two web series, IFC might have met it’s first flop in the form of “Good Morning, Internet,” created by the people who brought you the very successful viral video “Hipster Olympics.’

ReelPop says:

“Though groan-inducingly funny-less during the first three minutes, Internet’s unceasing awkwardness  eventually evokes snickers through repetition of its visual puns. Sadly though, the subject matter here’s been mined previously by successful series like Goodnight, Burbank, which satrizes the format with a more deft and subtle hand. It’s early yet for Internet but if it’s to be successful, the show will have to do more than just be a Hipster Olympics for talk shows.”

Tilzy is slightly more optimistic:

“It’s all a bit too much. The morning talk show provides a cornucopia of material from which to parody and, in its premiere episode, Good Morning Internet has suffered from picking too much content ripe for comedy.

The anchors are entertaining, and the segments are watchable (the one on depression moreso than the makeover), but everything needs trimming.  The show should focus on those morning talk show fundamentals that Good Morning World employs so well.  It’s only the first episode, so the series certainly has time to improve.  I’m sure POYPACK and IFC will find some flow. ”

As for me, I am tired of parody on the internet.  What can be funny  for a skit is almost never funny for a series, and by limiting yourself to parody there is no reason to commit to any of the characters or to care what happens on an episode-to-episode basis.

Check it out for yourself here.

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