LG Learning Sex Not Selling Like it Used To…

I consistently baffled by how big brands try to make noise in the online world.  The whole idea of “viral” videos has given them all a case of brain fever and caused them to create one stupid, misguided piece of promotion after another only to be trumped by some kid with his handicam, like this:

Yup, that’s a legit viral vid (or so the creator swears and I’m gonna believe him as it supports my point) and it has swept the nation.  It’s funny, sexy and true.  Also, authentic.

Now check out this “viral” video from LG:

This video, clearly made by professional production company, has not only failed to be fun to watch but it has failed to garner significant views – less than 15,000 over the past five days.

The lesson? Well, authenticity trumps soft-core porn and nobody likes watching a creep use a cameraphone.

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