MTV Remembers What the “M” Stands For…Kinda.

An early station ID from MTV, a  U.S. video channel that began broadcasting 24/7 music shows and music videos in 1981

This morning a watched about 20 minutes of MTV‘s new morning music video block “FN MTV,” during which MTV brings back the music video but not without a few strings attached.

The videos are NEVER simply played on their own.  There is always some sort of wrap-around, usually involving MTV viewers in small windows making soul-crushingly inane comments while the video is playing.

Oh, and you will not see the whole video, either.  Most of the videos fade out after about 90 seconds.

Perhaps most annoying is the karaoke portion, where viewers record themselves singing over the video.

The point is, according to MTV, that music videos are simply too dull and the music too lame to keep the interest of their 12-24 demo.  While that might be true, I find it hard to believe that obliterating the videos behind a constant flow of viewer commentary is the solution.

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