MSNBC Shilling for Starbucks?


Ok, so I am checking out the morning news on TV (I like to compare it to what I heard earlier on NPR) and I flipped on MSNBC where some innocuous blonde woman and the creepy Joe Scarborough are holding down the achor desk and what is displayed clearly on table in front of them?

Starbucks coffee cups!  To be specific, the blonde has something in what appears to be a “grande” paper to-go cup and Joe looks to be enjoying a “venti” frappaccino!

It’s one thing to see this sort of blatant product placement on American Idol but I am kind of shocked to see in on a news program.

I guess it could just be a coincidence but I REALLY don’t think so.

UPDATE: TVNewser got a pic:

Zemanta Pixie

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