Amie Street Keeps On a-Rockin It Baby

لي ناظر(ن) ماغير شخصك يملّيه ~

Image by вαяσσк яε∂вυιι™~ via Flickr

One of my very first posts on this blog was an interview I did with the founders of Amie Street, an independent music distributor with a pricing model based on a track’s popularity.

According to ArsTech the guys have added indie label The Orchard and over 1 million new tunes.  Says The Orchard:

“The partnership is a significant validation of the consumer-empowering business model is pioneering,” The Orchard says in its press release. “On, songs are priced based on their demand, and customers receive money for more downloads when they recommend their favorite songs. By allowing consumers to drive the price of music, a song’s price becomes a measure of its popularity, enabling people to discover new music with more ease and convenience.”

Congrats guys!  Keep up the indie spirit.

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2 responses to “Amie Street Keeps On a-Rockin It Baby

  1. I don’t know if care to know or not, but I have been working on a network of Amie Street recommended songs. You can visit the site @

    People will post music every Wednesday of their choosing from Amie Street. I really believe in their pricing model and what they are doing for and to the music industry. I do not get music from any where else personally. So check it out, and let me know what you think.

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