Do You Text Your Parents?

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gives his State of the City address March 11, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. Four members of the nine-member council declined to take their customary seats onstage with the mayor, who is in the midst of a text-messaging scandal involving charges of sexual misconduct and of perjury related to a whistle-blower lawsuit filed by former police officers against the city.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

I kind of loved this silly little article from the Daily Herald regarding the growing trend among the younger set to use email only for communicating with “grownups.”

“It’s not that suburban teens never use e-mail. When compelled to communicate with adults who – bless their technology-challenged hearts – don’t know any better, teens will resort to the technology of yesteryear.”

It made me wonder, though, if texting and instant messaging is another one of those growing generational divides. I use both email and texting with frequency (and IM if others insist, though I don’t keep that open and running at all times like most people younger than I will do).  The thing is, I have never texted my parents and I know they don’t text each other or their friends.  And my folks are pretty tech savvy.

So, do you text your parents?

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One response to “Do You Text Your Parents?

  1. I actually do IM my parents quite a bit, but texting is something neither would put up with .
    For starters they do not use the latest and greatest phones, just a standard cell. While many of the base line phones have texting capabilities the cost per text is more irksome to them than the actual concept of texting. I am attempting to move my mother to Twitter but the recent instability of the platform does not lend itself to a simple user-(as opposed to a tweaker who will put up with the occasional outage and looks forward to helping fix).

    I find better communication with my parents – or anyone really- by using social network sites. Texting becomes all too consuming of an activity and can quickly become more nervous tick than a productive communication.

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