Web Metrics Go Network

Masi Oka at the Heroes roadshow in Singapore

NBC has a lot the shows that people seem to be talking about (The Office, Heroes, etc) and yet they always seem to be at the bottom of the big-4 rating pile.

Turns out, a lot of the NBC  fans aren’t watching the shows on TV.

“NBC (GE) struggles in the broadcast ratings. But it has a few shows that do pretty well online. So it’s no surprise that they’d become the first network to announce they’ll start releasing online ratings for specific shows, like “30 Rock” and “Heroes.” (via SAI)

Nielsen will be handling the numbers duties and it will be interesting to see exactly how they determine viewership.  It is still notoriously easy to pump up numbers on most sites through various techniques.  Having an industry-wide metric that all the networks and advertisers can agree on would be a big step towards making it easier to cashify video content on the internet.

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