LG Shine – Because You’re That Shallow and Empty

Reality stars Brody Jenner (L) and Lauren Conrad attend the kick off party for MTV's

There is a commercial that, even with great use of the DVR, I have been unable to avoid and it is driving me nuts.

The ad is for the LG Shine cell phone and stars Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad of MTV’s “The Hills,” a show shockingly popular with otherwise intelligent women in their late-20’s and early-30’s.  While the idea of using them in a cell phone ad makes perfect sense, this particular ad leaves me baffled…

Here’s what happens in the ad: Lauren is staring at her own reflection in her LG Shine and talking about her hair and makeup.  Brody, meanwhile, spots a couple of “hotties” coming his way so he makes eyes at one of them and after they pass, uses the reflection of his own LG shine to check ’em out walking away.  Lauren catches him and let’s him know via a text message, “OMG, UR A PIG!”  Brody looks up and asks, with a boyish grin, “What?”  Lauren rolls her eyes.

And the tagline?  Ready… “Reflect your style”

While there is plenty about this ad that could drive one nuts, the thing that kills me is that these two people demonstrate the polar opposite of anything approaching style!  What style is LG hoping their potential customers want to reflect by carrying this phone?

My guess is that the agency spent a long time coming up with that tagline (read: 15 minutes) and they would be damned if they’d let a little thing like it not matching the commercial stop them from using it.

Oh, here, you can watch the commercial for yourself:

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One response to “LG Shine – Because You’re That Shallow and Empty

  1. ha ha ha funny article. sadly I never noticed the phone was a mirror the 1st 3 or 4 times I saw it on tv [shrugs].

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