When New Media Goes Bad! Episode 1 – Duracel

Rechargeable battery

I’m starting a new series here on My Media Musings in which I highlight a particularly poor attempt to use “new media” to sell stuff.

Today’s winner is Duracell Rechargeable Batteries and their incredibly lame Museum of the Obvious.

While navigating this 3D site is actually pretty cool the videos embedded throughout the “museum” are so brain-numbingly lame as to make you angry at the wasted time and resources that went into this relatively high production value.

Each video is done in the style of old scientist demo video with a guy or a girl (or both) in a lab coat showing us why Duracel batteries are better.  Are they funny?  Nope.  Informative?  Nope.  Creative? No sir.

This seems like yet another case of some ad company using a whole lot of bells and whistles to sell Duracel a heaping pile a crappy content.

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