The Golden Age of the Entrepreneur

Photo © by Jeff Dean

I’m constantly impressed and inspired by the varied ways people have devised to make money through clever use of the internet as a nearly free distribution and communication device.  Beyond the bloggers out there able to build up enough of a following to live off the ad sales (no such luck here) there are all sorts of other methods being tried..

I really like the growing number of people mentioned in this CNet post who camp out on a famous stretch of road and take pictures of the passing motorcycles:

“At first, as I drove along this stretch of highway as part of Road Trip 2008, I was confused as to what was going on. But after seeing two such vehicles at corners, each of which had a URL emblazoned on the side, I figured it out: The photographers were taking pictures of the riders and drivers, and then later posting them online, hoping that people will visit their sites, see pictures of themselves on the famous road, and decide to fork over a few bucks for a high-res image.”

Is this easy money or a get-rich-quick plan?  I doubt it but it is another person finding a way to work for themselves and probably have some fun doing it.

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One response to “The Golden Age of the Entrepreneur

  1. Jay

    Hi there, I want to comment on a single phrase you have in your post (which is quite remote from the main essence of the post) – “(no such luck here)”. I am sure you have not tried out all the avenues of attractive advertisers. The main factor is to have something really strong to write about. And the passion to follow it for a while ( 6 months to 4 years ) before you start seeing ad money coming in.

    Sometimes what we do for a few bucks often prevent us from getting the hundreds!

    Boy! did i sound like that parrot?

    Cheers! Jay

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