When is a View not a View? When it’s on YouTube!

The ten digits of a Z560M Nixie Tube.

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggaration but one of the things that makes web video tough to cashify is figuring out just what to charge for.  What does getting 1,000,000 “views” on YouTube really mean.

A recent dust-up with some Avril Levigne supporters creating autoplay embeds on her video “Girlfriend” so that it would beat out “The Evolution of Dance” to become the so-called most popular video on YouTube.

According to NTV, this might have caused a change in policy over at YouTube:

“…we have reason to believe the site has stopped counting views from videos set to play automatically on pages around the web. We first took notice of the issue when popular producers contacted us saying they’d seen a dramatic drop-off in the number of views they receive for new videos. It’s possible that YouTube has adjusted more than one aspect of its view count methods, and it’s also possible that the view count methods are just malfunctioning. But enough people are mentioning the autoplay issue that we think there’s a good chance that’s the issue.”

While it’s a good step for YouTube to take I don’t think it is going to make much of a difference in the overall scheme of things.  There will still be plenty of people out there able to game the system and the actual value of a view will remain in the eye of the beholder.

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One response to “When is a View not a View? When it’s on YouTube!

  1. does a view really matter? maybe except for popularity there’s nothing that i know of that makes it special. i’m not a producer or anything like that. i just like to watch videos especially on dance music.

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