YouTube PreRoll/PostRoll Ads Offer Also-Rans an Opportunity

The guitar video of Pachelbel's Canon is one o...

Lots of chatter this week about YouTube‘s flipflop on placing pre-roll and post-roll ads on some (or all) of their videos.  This is due, they say, to the fact that no other scheme has worked to allow them to cashify their massive market share and total eyeballs.

This could be an opportunity for some of the video-sharing sites competing to be the YouTube alternative to actually offer an alternative: ad-free viewing.

Then we would find out the following:

1. Will YouTube’s current viewers be bothered enough by the new ads to actively seek out alternatives.

2. Will the alternatives be able to offer the level of content and exposure provided via YouTube.

3. If a site succeeds in building a bigger market share by offering ad-free viewing how are they going to cashify.

I get excited anytime a big player makes a big move.  We all get to sit in the stands and see how it goes, devising our own schemes based on what goes down.

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