Nine Inch Nails and “Fun” in the Same Post

Trent Reznor during a live performance in ...

Nine Inch Nails, and Trent Reznor in particular, has been a pretty outspoken advocate of ditching the “major labels” and embracing digital distribution and all of its opportunities and challenges.

TechDirt has a great update of the some the band’s schemes, including hiding tickets around LA and posting coordinates on their website.  Of this, TechDirt says:

“While it may be a little silly, it is yet another way for Reznor to build up a really loyal fanbase. He’s making being a fan fun.”

I think that’s a brilliant observation.  They’re making being a fan fun.  Think about that.  How often are things about being a fan not fun?  Standing in line in the rain is not fun.  Having to deal with TicketMaster is definitely NOT fun.  By making “fun” a key part of being a fan, Nine Inch Nails is showing just how they’ve remained relevant for so long in such a volatile market.

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