The Return of Smell-O-Vision? Dear Lord, NO!

Nasal Ranger in use.

From the country that brought the world sauerkraut comes the return of “Smell-O-Vision“:

“A company called Cinescent is giving marketers the chance to pump out the scent of their brands in German theaters, where it first tested the technology for Beiersdorf‘s Nivea. For the test, a specially made 60-second spot showed a typical sunny beach scene, with people lying around on deck chairs or sunbathing on towels while waves crashed and seagulls cried in the background.

As people wondered what the ad was for, the scent of Nivea sun cream permeated the cinema, and a Nivea logo appeared on screen along with the words “Nivea. The scent of summer.” (via)

It’s bad enough that, after paying $12, I am bombarded with close to 30 minutes of commercials before I get to see my movie of choice.  Now they want to attack my olefactory glands?!  As if we needed another reason to stay home and pirate a movie or two off of mininova.

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