Viral Muppets Spread Their Furry Disease Around YouTube

Opening snapshot of The Muppet Show, with Kerm...

Ok, not even sure what I mean by that headline but I was going for shock value.

According to Tilzy (and, I’m sure many others) the people behind the Muppets have released a whole bunch of funny Muppets videos that seem to be out there to build interest for a return of The Muppet Show in some form or another.

The weird part, as Tilzy points out:

“Each video was uploaded by a different YouTube user, though they all had similarly recent signup dates, were friends with one another (and nobody else), and sported quirky Muppet-themed profiles like weirdowhatever, deumnborkborkbork, and meepmeepmeepow. Each video even featured its own concluding jabs from Statler and Waldorf who garnered over 200,000 views for their own harrumphing over at heckleu247.”

Why try to make these seem UGC or “viral”?  Who doesn’t want to see new muppets content?  Why not make a clear, focused release of these videos across the webosphere for maximum penetration and viewership?  It just doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s a video:

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