Lonely Without LonelyGirl15

Bree aka lonelygirl15 and her stuffed animal f...

There is a send-off piece over on NTV about the end of LonelyGirl15, a true pioneer of the webseries and one of the few honest success stories out there.

The question is, will we ever see anything like it again?

“There was an innocence and an excitement to the shows of this era that can never be replicated. It’s like the first season of The Real World: It was genuinely interesting because no one knew what was going to happen. The participants of every subsequent season (and every reality show that followed) knew they could get famous from it, so it became fake. Everyone knows that there is money, or a Hollywood deal, to be made on the web now, so there’s no sense of danger. The thrill is gone, replaced by a careful eye on playcounts, CPMs and creating a brand.”

I’m not quite as pessimistic as NTV.  I think there will always be kids out there excited by the chance to just get their vision out there, to be thrilled by the sheer fact that they are being seen and heard.  Will some of them be dreaming of Hollywood contracts?  Sure.  But plenty of others will just be dreaming up the next insane scene they can shoot and post with their buddies.

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  1. Hello! I’ve always believed in the web drama. I created Jamie’s Way in 1998 and filmed four episodes plus kept an ongoing blog. But yes- it costs so much money. It was my version of a “home-made” tv series. So it’s great to see shows like Lonely Girl 15, and Sophia’s Diary!!

    My new online web drama is called Life After Lisa. Currently we are in pre-production. It will be a sponsored web drama, and will have some experienced actors in it. I worked all five seasons on the HBO series, The Wire, so some of the Wire actors such as Cory Parker Robinson will be in my show. And many of The Wire crew. I’m writing to tell you that yes- indeed- more web dramas will be popping up on the web! Definitely!

    Life After Lisa is a college drama that takes place in the mid 1980’s. I’m holding an actors competition where you can actually see various auditions and vote on your favorite! So stay tuned!! Elena Moscatt

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