Scrabble Scrapped for WordScraper

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I just love how utterly and completely Hasbro has failed in their battle with Scrabbulous, the hugely popular Srabble knock-off that recently got booted off of Facebook by Hasbro.

Not only did Hasbro’s own Scrabble app crash and get hacked but now the people behind Scrabbulous have released a slightly less direct clone called WordScraper.

“Wordscraper had about 80,000 daily users on Facebook as of Sunday night and the Web site had thousands of players online on Sunday.

Hasbro’s official version of Scrabble on Facebook, meanwhile, has registered about 91,000 registered users, while a version from Mattel, which owns the rights to Scrabble outside of North America, has less than 15,000.

Unlike Scrabulous, which exactly mimics a Scrabble board, Wordscraper lets players pick a board size and put high-scoring spaces wherever they like — meaning that they can, if they choose, create an exact replica of a Scrabble board.”  (via)


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One response to “Scrabble Scrapped for WordScraper

  1. I love that users are still remaining faithful to the Scrabulous team. Thats lovely! Sticking it to Mattel and Hasbro.
    I thought the makers might have lain down and taken the beating from facebook and Hasbro etc. but they’ve retaliated brilliantly.
    I hate how they are being sued its so unfair!

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