Wendy’s Blows Opportunity – Agency Blows $25K


SAI has some choice thoughts on the latest “viral” ad from Wendy’s, in which a head of lettuce eats a Wendy’s hamburger.  The only reason one might think this was not done by an ad agency for Wendy’s is that the hamburger itself looks like crap.

More surprising that the fact that it is bombing on YouTube (less than 20,000 views) is the fact that the agency in question, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, claims to have spent $25,000 to make the spot.

While I realize a standard 30-second TV spot usually costs more than 10 times that amount, it is literally impossible to figure out where they spent $25k on the video below.  Any kid with a handicam and FinalCut could do it better for lunch money.

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