Strike.TV – Big Names and Big Ideas but Audiences?

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So, Strike.TV launched this week.  Founded during the WGA strike as a place for Hollywood creatives to flex their muscles, the site is now home to a huge list of original short-form web shows featuring everyone from SNL‘s Kristen Wiig to TV vet Bob Newheart.

That would be big news except that it isn’t.  Having been up now for over a week I can tell you this much: not one single person in my life has mentioned a single one of these shows.  Why?  They had no idea they existed.

This is the big failure right now in online original video – nobody is bothering with true marketing.  You would never launch a show on NBC without marketing so why does everyone thing they can launch a show online, where it is noisier and more crowded (and one click away from porn!), with no marketing?

Viral is a myth.  Want proof?  Ask your friends if they’ve seen that new show from the people who bring you THE OFFICE (“House Poor”).  Spoiler Alert: They haven’t.

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