On My Phone – More Video Please!

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The US lags way behind much of Asia and Europe when it comes to watching video on our cell phones (question: how many people need to ditch their landlines before we can just say “phone” and everyone know we mean “cell phone?”).

Mashable has a good look at what’s holding us back (technology, lack of rich content, etc.) and sees some hope in the future.

I think that wider adoption on mobile video viewing will come quickly, especially as handsets like the iPhone make the viewing process much more enjoyable.  The iPhone’s lack of Flash-compatibilty is the only thing that stops me from watching loads of videos online while I’m away from my laptop.

It would also be a great boon to producers and distributors of things like webseries that could automatically push new episodes to your phone much like you can have email pushed.

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One response to “On My Phone – More Video Please!

  1. Dont let the lack of flash support for I phones bother you, I use an app called Jaksta to rip the vids off the web and it even does the conversion for you.

    Easy !!


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