Honeyshed Is Back – Act Fast, It Won’t Last


Image by danorbit. via Flickr

Honeyshed is a web-based QVC aimed at 20-somethings that had a soft beta lauch sometime last year and is now back with slick packaging and social media integration…and it is still proof that they don’t understand how to sell to young people at all.

Aside from the obvious problem that every product is sponsored, making it hard to trust the opinions of the lovely young hosts, who the hell is going to sit and watch this thing instead of just heading over to Google and doing a proper product search?

QVC is great for the homebound housewife with little else to do all day but why would anyone think the same basic approach would work on the fast-paced hipsters they are sadly courting?

They say they are “Home Shopping for the Digital Generation,” but that’s actually called the internet and today’s youngs don’t need Publicis showing them the way.

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