Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls’ – Um, Not So Smart, Amy…

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I think Amy Poehler is awesome. She’s funny, creative and seems like an all-around good person.  When I read that she was developing a web series for young girls I thought it sounded like a fine idea – maybe a bit high-minded but worth rooting for.

Unfortunately, after seeing the first episode, I am pretty troubled.

For starters, the sponsor is Barbie by Mattel – not exactly a great role model for young girls hoping to make a difference in the world.  Making matters even more confusing, the pre-roll ad is a sort of Barbie nostalgia thing aimed squarely at grownups, not young girls.

Once I watched the video I was even more confused.  The whole thing looks like it was filmed on the set of Charlie Rose, with stark black background, round table and Amy, dressed a bit like a flight attendant doing a very talking interview with a cute little girl who writes ghost stories.  And it’s 7 minutes long.

I guess I just don’t get what will appeal to young girls here. Sure, seeing people like yourself in a video is cool but there is nothing here to hold the attention of a ten-year-old.

See for yourself…

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