Forcing Obama to be a Luddite

picture-7There has been a lot of talk this week about how much Barack Obama uses his Blackberry and that, once he becomes President, that will have to end.

“For all the perquisites and power afforded the president, the chief executive of the United States is essentially deprived by law and by culture of some of the very tools that other chief executives depend on to survive and to thrive.”

The internet has become is an essential tool for staying informed and in touch – two things that would be good for a president to do, no?  To further deprive him of email and texts simply because of security concerns seems like a cop-out.  It might have been ok 8 years ago when Bush gave up personal email, but times have changed and taking away email today would be like telling a president 50 years ago that the phone was simply not secure so don’t use it.  Ever.

Hopefully, Obama can talk some sense into his security team and find a way to keep his Blackberry securely fastened to his belt – a clear sign that our leader is actually part of the modern world and not some sheltered Luddite being babysat by his handlers.

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