RIAA Just Bunch of Criminal Thugs

The RIAA Logo.

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Glad to see more and more pressure mounting to reign in RIAA and their insane, Gestapo-style tactics.

According to the AP, Harvard Law professor Charley Nesson is going be defending one of the school’s students in court.

“Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group — the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA — carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. He also says the music industry group abused the legal process by brandishing the prospects of lengthy and costly lawsuits in an effort to intimidate people into settling cases out of court.”

For those interested in learning more, go read the whole article.

Oh, and the kid he is defending is charged with illegally download 7 songs.  That’s 7 songs.

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