The Dark Knight Can’t Stop Pirates – And It Doesn’t Matter

The Dark Knight (film)

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According to the MPAA, movie piracy is a huge problem that could jeopordize the entire industry.  The problem with this theory is that they simply can’t back up the claims with any legitimate data.

Here’s a great example of why they’re full of hot air.  The Dark Knight has already made over $1,000,000,000 worldwide and stands to make a hell of a lot more in ancillary markets (DVD, VOD, etc).  Yet, the film is also the number one pirated movie on BitTorrent:

“This week, in another round of leaks, DVD-rips of ‘The Dark Knight’ found their way to BitTorrent. Unsurprisingly, given the commercial success of the movie, these were downloaded well over a million times in just a few days.”

So, potentially the number one grossing film of all-time may also be the most pirated of all-time.  Explain to me again how this is hurting your core business…

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