The Motrin Mess, Twitter and FAIL

The blogs are all afire over this internet ad posted by the makers of Motrin:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The first wave of revolt seems to have been largely driven by users of Twitter – you can view a real-time stream of comments here.

If you ever wanted to cite an example of how the internet has shifted the power away from the advertiser look no further.  Not only has Motrin been pounded by everyone for making a stupid and potentially insulting ad, but it all happened literally within hours of the video being posted.

Sure, Motrin immediately took the ad off their site but as well all know, once you post something online there really is no way to get it back – it’s like trying to stir the cream out of your coffee.  Not gonna happen.

That means that all the bad press about Motrin will remain online as will everyone’s ability to go check out the offending ad – whether Motrin likes it or not.
And check out this sampling from around the web:

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3 responses to “The Motrin Mess, Twitter and FAIL

  1. Thanks for the Mention of my blog post about the Motrin storm. Incidentally, some bloggers like Kevin Hilstrom, think the campaign actually benefited Motrin – and that might be, in that they got more links and media attention.

    But this is an example of a mistake that could be turned into a goldmine, for the Brand, were the Brand actually smart enough to take advantage of it.

    You know, they say adversity is the mother of Invention.

    The other lesson, is ongoing, Social Media campaigns need very well versed individuals, from within the Brand AND PR, to be one page at the same exact moment – along with Web Analytics (my area) to monitor the Buzz and figure out the Sentiment of it.

    Let me leave off by one point …. How many organizations have that kind of setup? I mean, the one where Brand/PR/Analytics are all part of the Same Team?

    Just a thought, and again, thanks for the mention.


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