NYT Late to the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Story – Sorry Dead Tree Media

Shiba Inu

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The Old Grey Lady has finally noticed this little Shiba Inu Puppy Cam thing that has been sweeping the nation and probably the world.

While they are at least a month late to the party, they did bring some stats:

“But after a Ustream employee spotted the Webcast and began passing it around to friends and family, the video went, as they say, viral. It has had 6 million viewers, 4 million in the last week alone, spanning the globe from Egypt to Venezuela. Those viewers have streamed nearly 4 million hours, or 391 years, of doggie video (although some people have been known to leave it running in the background at work).”

That’s some serious traffic.  Too bad puppies grow up.  Within a couple of weeks UStreamTV will be back to its usual collection of mildly voyeristic webcamers sharing with the world while nobody watches.

Oh, and probably hundreds of new puppy cams – but they won’t be the same.

PS. Why the hell doesn’t the NYT online provide embedded links to their subjects?!

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