As E-Book Popularity Grows, So Do Legal Questions

Amazon Kindle

Image by dailylifeofmojo via Flickr

There is a piece in Wired about the growing popularity of reading E-Books on the iPhone.  At the same time sales for Amazon’s Kindle continue to grow rapidly (even though the device itself is far from perfect).

I love so much about E-Books, from their obvious portability to the potential for hyperlinking everything from definitions to other readers comments.  Plus there’s the whole zero-environmental impact as compared to the printing and distribution of an actual paperback.

The biggest problem I have with E-Books is that current DRM-related issues and publishers general terror of the future means that is now almost impossible to read a great E-Book then give it to your friend to read.  My bookshelf has long been a source and resource for friends looking for something great to read and it gives me great joy to share my books.

Now, it appears those days are numbered unless the publishers figure out what the music labels were late in learning – sharing increases sales.

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