A Quick Boxee Update


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Since the powers the be at Boxee were kind enough to let me into the alpha test their cool new software I thought I’d share a few brief thoughts.

I am in the process of ending my relationship with my cable company (Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ) because it is so damn expensive and I am finding more and more of what I want to watch if available online even without the sort of “piracy” big media fears.

My first step was to replace my ancient 19″ not-flat, not-even-square, TV with an inexpensive 19″ flatscreen LCD monitor ($99 at Staples on sale).  I am also getting myself the eyeTV device from El Gato.

So, last night, I hooked up my monitor to my MacBook Pro, fired up Boxee and within minutes was watching Sunday’s episode of American Dad (underrated show, I think).  Not only that, but I was able to control the entire Boxee menu system with my tiny Apple remote!

The amount of content already available on Boxee was impressive and there is certainly more to come.  Combined with my HD-over-the-air antenna, the ABC player and a few choice grey-law pirate sites there is almost nothing left I won’t be able to watch.

So, I spent a total of $200 to save a total of $90/month!


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