Axl Rose is Suing Dr. Pepper – Because Suing is So Badass!

Reinventing Axl Rose album cover

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Guns N’ Roses is a band that was very popular back in the 80’s and 90’s then they kept promising to put out another album but then kept not releasing it.

Lots of people commented on this and plenty said it was because the band didn’t have an album’s worth of good music to put out.  Oddly, none of those people are currently being sued by Axl Rose…

Anyhow, the people at Dr. Pepper decided to have a bit of fun and offered everyone in America a free can of soda if, in fact Guns N’ Roses released this phantom album before the end of the decade.

Amazingly (and perhaps unfortunately), the band actually did release their album and Dr. Pepper tried to make good on their promise, though it did not go all that smoothly.

Now, Axl Rose is attempting to sue Dr. Pepper for, well, I honestly can’t figure it out.  Axl claims (via some very greedy and misguided lawyer) that Dr. Pepper had no right to use his band’s name in any sort of marketing promotion without paying them.

And here’s the kicker:

“Back in March, Mr. Rose seemed just fine with the arrangement, noting on the band’s website, “We are surprised and very happy to have the support of Dr Pepper with our album ‘Chinese Democracy.'”


No matter how one twists the reading the law here, why on earth does Axl Rose think it is going to help his already tarnished image to be suing Dr. Pepper?


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